Qualification of Members:

  1. Any registered nurse who has attended at least 20 Credit Education Units of CCNAPI for the current year or have at least 3 months working experience in MS or Critical Care Unit as certified by the immediate superior or head nurse.
  2. Resident of the Philippines
  3. Member of PNA
  4. With Current PRC license as a Registered Nurse
  5. With good standing in the community

Duties and Responsibilities of a Member:

  1. To obey and comply with the by-laws, rules and regulation that may be promulgated by the association
  2. To attend all meetings of the association
  3. To pay membership dues and other assessment of the association

Benefits of a Member:

  1. Discounted rates to continuing education programs
  2. Access to facilities of the association like books, references and other.
  3. Eligibility to scholarship, grants and awards
  4. Access to the Members Only information on the CCNAPI Web site